Super Alloy / NI-800HT

Nickel 800 H/HT is a superalloy of nickel, iron and chromium. The alloy is capable of remaining stable and maintaining its austenitic structure even after long time exposures to high temperatures. Other characteristics of the alloy are good strength, and high resistance to oxidizing, reducing and aqueous environments. Alloy 800, 800H and 800HT are used in various applications from furnace components, petrochemical furnace cracker tubes to sheathing for electrical heating elements. (UNS N08800 / N08810 / N08811)

Chemical Makeup

Element Min Max
Carbon, C 0.06 0.1
Manganese, Mg - 1.5
Silicon, Si - 1
Sulfur, S - 0.015
Chromium, Cr 19 23
Nickel, Ni 30 35
Copper, Cu - 0.75
Aluminum, Al 0.15 0.6
Titanium, Ti 0.15 0.6
Iron, Fe 39.5 -

Common Applications

  • Industrial Industrial
  • Power Generation Power Generation


  • Good Strength
  • Oxidation Resistance
  • High Tempurature Resistance

We stock NI-800HT to the following specifications:

  • ASME-B-408 (800 CHEM ONLY)
  • ASTM-B-408 (800 CHEM ONLY)

Click on a cross-section to see the sizes we stock:

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