Stainless Steel / AM-355

AM 355 (Also known as PYROMET 355) is a chromium nickel molybdenum stainless steel. This alloy is a heat treatable austenitic / martensitic alloy (depending on the heat treatment). It offers high strength at moderately elevated temperatures and its corrosion resistance is superior to other quench-hardenable martensitic stainless steels. Higher strengths can also be obtained through cold working processes. This product is typically used for parts requiring oxidation resistance and high strength up to 800 F (427 C) and where such parts may require welding during fabrication. The material is well-suited for a wide range of applications. It is often used in structural applications, marine environments, and chemical processing plants. (UNS S35500)

Chemical Makeup

Element Min Max
Carbon, C 0.1 0.15
Manganese, Mn 0.5 1.25
Silicon, Si - 0.5
Sulfur, S - 0.03
Phosphorus, P 0.04
Chromium, Cr 15 16
Nickel, Ni 4 5
Nitrogen, N 0.07 0.13
Molybdenum, Mo 2.5 3.25

Common Applications

  • Industrial Industrial


  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Oxidation Resistance
  • High Strength At Moderate Temperatures

We stock AM-355 to the following specifications:

  • AMS-5743
  • AMS-5744 CAP. OF
  • ASTM-A-484
  • ASTM-A-564 TYPE 634 CAP. OF
  • EMS-55443

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