Stainless Steel / 430 ANN

430 is a ferritic stainless steel with corrosion resistance approaching that of 304/304L stainless steel. This grade does not work harden rapidly and can be formed using both mild stretch forming, bending, or drawing operations. This material typically is used for parts requiring oxidation resistance up to 1600 F (871 C) but useful at the higher temperatures only when strength requirements are moderately low. Resistant to a wide variety of corrosive environments, including nitric acid and some organic acids. It attains its maximum corrosion resistance when in the highly polished or buffed condition. 430 cannot be heat treated for hardening. This grade is often used for Cookers, Washers, and many applications in the Automotive Industry. (UNS S43000)

Chemical Makeup

Element Min Max
Carbon, C - 0.12
Manganese, Mn - 1
Silicon, Si - 1
Sulfur, S - 0.03
Phosphorus, P 0.04
Chromium, Cr 16 18
Nickel, Ni - 0.75
Molybdenum, Mo - 0.5
Copper, Cu - 0.5
Aluminum, Al - 0.05
Tin, Sn - 0.05

Common Applications

  • Industrial Industrial


  • Good Ductility
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Oxidation Resistance

We stock 430 ANN to the following specifications:

  • AMS-5627
  • AMS-QQ-S-763
  • ASTM-A-276
  • ASTM-A-479
  • ASTM-A-484
  • QQS-763

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