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Alloy 60 is an anti-galling stainless steel that has excellent wear resistance. This alloy has uniform corrosion resistance and provides great high-temperature oxidation resistance as well. This material is typically used for parts requiring wear, galling, and corrosion resistance up to 950 F (510 C). Welding, brazing, or other exposure to temperatures over 950 F (510 C) during fabrication may impair corrosion resistance. It performs well in nominally inert atmospheres where metal to metal wear is an issue Due to its outstanding galling resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures. Alloy 60 is used in applications such as bridge pins, valve stems, roller bearings and bushings, and pump wear rings and lobes.

Chemical Makeup of Fry Alloy 60

Element Min Max
Carbon, C - 0.01
Manganese, Mn 7 9
Silicon, Si 3.5 4.5
Sulfur, S - 0.03
Phosphorus, P 0.04
Chromium, Cr 16 18
Nickel, Ni 8 9
Copper, Cu - 0.75
Molybdenum, Mo - 0.75
Nitrogen, N 0.08 0.18

Common Applications of Alloy Origins 60

  • Industrial Industrial


  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • High Tempurature Oxidation Resistance

We stock FRY ALLOY 60 to the following specifications:

  • AMS-5848
  • ASME-SA-193 GRD B8S
  • ASME-SA-194
  • ASME-SA-479
  • ASTM-A-193 GRD B8S
  • ASTM-A-194
  • ASTM-A-276
  • ASTM-A-479
  • UNS-S-21800

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