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Stainless Steel / 15-5 PH VAC MELT

15-5 PH VM stainless steel is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel with approximately 15% Chromium and 5% Nickel, hence the name 15-5. Vacuum Consumable Electrode Remelting (VM) is the melt process used for Type 1. The VM material is a cleaner product offering lower percentages of ferrite. 15-5 has high strength, high hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance. 15-5 materials forgeability is superior to 17-4. Strength can be further increased by a single low temperature heat treatment. (UNS:S15500)

Chemical Makeup of 15-5 PH Vac Melt

Element Min Max
Carbon, C 0.07
Manganese, Mn 1
Silicon, Si 1
Sulfur, S 0.015
Phosphorus, P 0.03
Chromium, Cr 14 15.5
Molybdenum, Mo - 0.5
Nickel, Ni 3.5 5.5
Columbium (Niobium), Nb 5xC 0.45
Copper, Cu 2.5 4.5

Common Applications of 15-5 PH Vac Melt

  • Aerospace Aerospace
  • Industrial Industrial


  • Good Corrosion Resistance
  • Formability & Weldability
  • High Strength & Hardness

We stock 15-5 PH VAC MELT to the following specifications:

  • AMS-2300
  • AMS-2315
  • ASTM-A-484
  • CAP. ASTM-A-564 GRADE XM12

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