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Stainless Steel / 13-8 MO SOL TR

PH 13-8 Mo Type 1 VIM / VAR aircraft-quality stainless is a martensitic precipitation/age-hardening stainless steel capable of high strength and hardness along with good levels of resistance to both general corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking. In addition, the alloy exhibits good ductility and toughness in large sections in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. The excellent properties of PH 13-8 Mo stainless are obtained through close control of chemical composition and microstructure plus specialized melting which reduces impurities and minimizes segregation. Compared to other ferrous-based materials, this alloy offers a high level of useful mechanical properties under severe environmental conditions. (UNS:S13800)

Chemical Makeup of 13-8 MO Stainless Steel

Element Min Max
Carbon, C 0.05
Manganese, Mn 0.1
Silicon, Si 0.1
Sulfur, S 0.008
Phosphorus, P 0.01
Chromium, Cr 12.25 13.25
Molybdenum, Mo 2 2.5
Nickel, Ni 7.5 8.5
Aluminum, Al 0.9 1.35

Common Applications of 13-8 MO Stainless Steel

  • Aerospace Aerospace
  • Industrial Industrial


  • Good Fabrication Characteristics
  • High Strength
  • Toughness
  • Corrosion Resistance

We stock 13-8 MO SOL TR to the following specifications:

  • AMS-2300
  • AMS-5629 TYPE 1
  • CAP. ASTM-A-564 GRADE XM13
  • DMS-2100
  • HMS-6-1105 EXC. SONIC
  • STM-05-602 REV C (CK T.R.)
  • STO-160-LBO-013
  • ASTM F-899

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