Aluminum / CF 6061 ALUM T-6

Grade 6061 Cold Finished (CF) / T-6 Temper Aluminum is solution heat treated and artificially aged. This product is not cold worked after solution heat treatment. Aluminum alloy 6061 has good corrosion resistance and very good weldability, but an average fatigue strength. This material has a good strength-to-weight ratio and is also heat-treatable. With great formability and weldability, this product is used for engineering and structural applications, boats, and aircraft components. (UNS A96061)

Chemical Makeup

Element Min Max
Silicon, Si 0.4 0.8
Iron, Fe - 0.7
Copper, Cu 0.15 0.4
Magnesium, Mg 0.8 1.2
Manganese, Mn - 0.15
Chromium, Cr 0.04 0.35
Zinc, Zn - 0.25
Titanium, Ti - 0.15

Common Applications

  • Aerospace Aerospace
  • Industrial Industrial


  • Good Strength To Weight Ratio
  • Good Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Weldability

We stock CF 6061 ALUM T-6 to the following specifications:

  • AMS-4117
  • AMS-QQ-A-225/8
  • ASTM-B-211
  • QQA-225/8

Click on a cross-section to see the sizes we stock:

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