Why Your Company Should Switch to an Online Metal Supplier


The way the world orders steel has drastically changed in recent years. When Russia declared war on Ukraine, it caused the steel industry there to plummet. Ukraine lost control of two of its major mills, and produced 62.14% less steel in the first six months of 2022 than it had previously.

Additionally, China plans on cutting its steel production in 2023 in an attempt to stay in line with its emission reduction program. 

With so many foreign steel sources hanging in the balance, many companies have instead turned to an online metal supplier here in the United States.

Benefits of Ordering Steel Online for Large Companies

1. Streamlined Ordering Process

While it can be beneficial to chat with a sales rep, ordering online offers a streamlined process that’s all laid out for you. You have convenient access to the company’s exact inventory at your fingertips, and no longer have to wait on the phone to figure out if the steel you need is available.

Before, you used to look through a physical catalog and couldn't tell if what you needed was in stock or not. Now, you can look at a virtual product catalog on your desktop computer either at home or work, even your cell phone - a capability that we’re proud to offer at Fry Steel. 

Many steel companies manufacture signature products over and over again, making reordering the same materials a breeze  For instance, if you know exactly what’s needed to build an airplane for a commercial agency, your future supplies can simply be reordered using information from your previous shipments. 

Ordering through an online steel supplier makes it easy to track when your shipment leaves the warehouse and how many days it will take to get to you, so every project stays on schedule.

2. Time and Cost Savings

For those who are online savvy, using an online metal supplier is a game changer.
Not only do you save time by making the purchase when it’s convenient for you and are fully in control of ensuring the proper amounts of each metal requested, but your order history is also saved in your client portal for future use - so instead of having to organize paper copies of your orders, your administrators can keep everything online.

Having all your orders online smooths over supply chain management as well. When orders are trackable at the click of a button, it makes it easy to plan the next stages of the project process. Plus, if there is a delay, you can be alerted quickly through email or text message notifications, instead of making multiple phone calls to check the order status.

But the best part? Should you ever need real human assistance and one-on-one support, our Fry Steel sales reps are always available to walk our clients through every step of the process. 
That’s called getting the best of both worlds.

3. Improved Shopping Experience

With many online steel suppliers, you can view different options side-by-side. This helps you assess various configurations for your process, and helps you find the best price with what’s available. 

This ensures feeling confident about your purchasing decisions, because you know you found the best price and configuration for your project.

Choosing the Right Online Steel Supplier

There are many online steel suppliers out there, so here’s how to pick the best one.

  • Check online reviews: You want a supplier with the best reputation and track record, and you shouldn’t rely solely on what the company’s website says. Read online reviews to better understand how current customers feel about a supplier’s service.
  • Look for industry experts: Choose a supplier that’s earned certifications relevant to your industry, and one that understands the metals you need thoroughly.
  • Excellent customer service: Even if there’s a great online shopping portal available, questions still may arise. Make sure you can contact a live representative about your order, if urgently needed.

Look to the Future With Fry Steel

When you choose an online steel supplier, you reap the benefits. Large companies save time with the ability to reorder past purchases, see exactly what a company has in stock, and compare different side-by-side configurations to find the best price for your projects.

If you need an online steel supplier with vast experience in Space, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial, and Medical, check out Fry Steel’s online ordering system today.





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