5 Considerations When Choosing Among Metal Companies


When it’s time to buy metal for a project, you must choose the correct metal company to ensure success for your client. Some people are tempted to choose the cheapest product available to achieve higher profit margins, but that results in poor quality and less repeat business. You don’t want to compromise the quality of materials. Other than price, there are considerations for which company will best suit your project’s needs.

Consider the following five questions when making your decision.

1. Do My Buyers Care About How My Product is Built or Engineered?

Ultimately, when choosing a metal company, you want your buyer to be satisfied. So if they just want it done fast and cheap, then that’s what they prefer. But odds are, they want you to take your time to make the best product possible.

When looking for metal companies, put yourself in the position of the buyer. Would they be satisfied with how the metal is stored, how the metal is cut or transported, or where the metal is sourced?

It also doesn’t hurt to ask for the company’s quality measurements. Each metal company tends to have its own standards and rules for inspection. Ask them to walk you through them and see what their rules are for which metals they accept.

2.  Is the Metal Company Experienced With My Industry?

When considering metal companies, you want a reputable manufacturer with experience in your industry. Someone who distributes metal for the medical industry may not provide metal with the specific safety requirements for aircraft projects. Call company representatives, and ask if they have relevant certifications and if they’ve worked with similar projects.

3. Can Their Supply Chain Support My Business Model?

Supply chain delays can take a project completely off course. Depending on how far in advance your company can plan projects, you may not be able to wait weeks for a shipment to come in from overseas. Ask metal companies where they get their metal, and how long it typically takes to come in stock. This can help you discern if their wait times will work with how quickly your projects typically run.

4. What Are Their Delivery Times Like?

When appraising metal companies, you need to know both their order processing times and delivery times. These can vary widely depending on where you’re located versus where the metal company is. If you know you’re going to need rush orders from time to time, then you’ll want to pick a metal company that offers next-day delivery.

5. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Metal supply is not something that can be learned overnight. How long a metal company has been in business tells you how much experience they have. The more experience, the more likely they will be a quality supplier because they’ve withstood the ebbs and flows of the economy.

Plus, the more experience the shop managers and administration have, the less likely they are to make a mistake that could create costly delays.

When Shopping for Metal Companies, Consider Fry Steel

Fry Steel is a metal supplier in Southern California servicing companies all around the world for 75 years. We provide raw materials for a plethora of industries, including commercial aero, defense, industrial, space, power generation, naval, medical and more. To learn more about our special metal supply services like high-precision cutting and next-day shipment, contact one of our sales reps today.


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