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Aircraft alloys feature a balanced combination of strength and impact resistance. Heat-treated for high strength, aircraft alloys are shock resistant, making these aerospace metals ideal for heavily stressed machine parts. To maintain purity, the vacuum is arc-remelted.

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“High standards, quality and building relationships with suppliers is what makes Fry Steel Company stand apart from the competition. With over 23 years experience and 5 Performance Awards from a leading OEM, Fry Steel Company aligns with what I stand for. These standards are necessary to meet our customers expectations and remain competitive in the global economy. ”

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Fry Steel has an ISO 9001 certification that falls under the AS9120B standard set by the SAE, so we meet the global industry quality standard. Our suppliers are held to the same standard, and the stock is traceable.

We’re audited every year by International Standards Authority, Inc. to ensure our certification remains up to date.

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material Applications

Rings & Vanes
Generator Systems
& Auxiliary Power
Units (APUs)
Compressor &
Turbine Discs, Blades
Hybrid Electric
Aircraft & UAV
Shafts, Gears &
Stator &
Rotor Stacks
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1/16” to 24”. We’ve got it! In most scenarios, your diameter is on our shelf and available for immediate shipment. Fry Steel prides itself on supplying your requested size or slightly oversized aerospace metals to meet your demand. This strategy provides many customizable solutions to keep your projects moving forward.

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